Steve Roderick Consulting

How do you keep pace with the ever changing world of technology? Well most of us can’t because the rate of change is so fast. Whether a smartphone, a tablet, a Chromebook, even driverless car the list of features is ever increasing and ever more complex.

In this digital age we have become reliant on the internet, being totally connected at all times. Every minute of every day we put our faith in technology.

And then something goes wrong, the tech stops working…….

That’s where I come in. I love working with tech, in the IT industry as a day job, at home as a necessity and a hobby, really all the time.

I want to know how it works, why it goes wrong, how to fix it, how to make it better than before. Investigate the latest version, the new hardware and software products.

I’ve worked in IT for many years, in industries as diverse as remote control systems (telemetry), sales order processing system, warehouse control systems, local government education and social care systems.

My IT portfolio of skills covers

  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Design
  • Database Design
  • Project Management
  • Solutions

I don’t profess to know everything, that’s impossible, but I do know how to analyse your requirements, analyse your tech problems, and how to research and then implement a solution. That’s what I do.

If you’re interested put some details on the Contact Us page and I’ll get back to you.